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Robert Goodman presents the California State Award to Li Yuezhuo & Discusses Internationalization Issues

Consigned by the state government of California, the Chairman of Sino American Trade Development Association, Mr. Robert Goodman, and China-US Cultural Ambassador, Li Kaiwen, conferred the California State Award on the renowned Chinese private collector Li Yuezhuo Thursday, November 25th, in a ceremony in Sanya. The Award was given to commend Li Yuezhuo for his contribution to the preservation of rare cultural heritage items.

The California State Award, which is renowned and respected in international culture and arts circles, was set up by the state government of California to commend persons who have made remarkable contributions to world culture and arts. It only bestows this award to 10 outstanding parties each year. Li Yuezhuo is the first Chinese private collector to have ever received this award. Originally, his ceremony was to be held in the American Embassy in China. However, because Li Yuezhuo built Sanya Zhuoyuetianya Museum of Paleontologic Fossils in Sanya, and to better monumentalize the award, all the participants felt it was more important that Li Yuezhuo be honored in the City of Sanya.

During Mr. Goodman's speech, our SATDA Chairman was also able to address several internationalization issues that many at the ceremony were discussing. In his remarks he said, "The pressure to decrease costs on American enterprises is growing daily forcing many enterprises to shift to foreign countries. We (SATDA) want to help manage this trend and the associated international industry shifts, and improve the efforts and results of all parties involved." He then spoke about the leading American political leader and business elite that SATDA's Tradelinks missions are built around.

As many of our readers know, last June Mr. Goodman helped to organize the USCEA business and trade delegation's visit to China. Upon the heels of that he led another delegation on a visit to three provinces in the northeast of China to investigate their commercial activities and to develop new trade and investment opportunities. Overall, Mr. Goodman helped create a number of additional missions both from China to the US and from the US to China that further augmented his goal to increase the internationalization of Chinese businesses, and to foster a smoother integration of the Chinese economy with that of the United States.

Mr. Goodman, through his established home base in Beijing - the capital city of the People's Republic of China, and other satellite offices over the past 14 years, has fought for new trade development between America and China, earning much experience along the way. SATDA, along with our Chairman, is committed to helping more of its members and friends join the growing corporate trend toward internationalization.