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SATDA take part in campaign to rebuild in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

After seeing the devastation, SATDA realized it is a unique position to contribute to the rebuilding and resupplying of the hurricane devastated areas. Since local, state and federal governments are pledging incredible amounts for the resurrection of the infrastructure and economy of the damaged areas, it behooves them to spend it wisely and ensure that new businesses have the resources they need to succeed and be competitive.

Three areas have been identified and are being targeted by SATDA in its efforts to bring together the best of China in rebuilding and resupplying America's reeling many.

First, new housing must be made available. Through one of our members, we have developed pre-fab housing units that are being assembled and shipped to the United States. These housing units are well-designed and well-manufactured units that will be offered to Americans at industry leading price points. Much better than the mobile homes originally proposed by the US Government but rejected by the masses, these homes are easily manufactured, modular, and shippable for rapid deployment to the affected areas.

Second, tangential supplies are needed for the homes (i.e carpet, wiring, paneling, flooring, piping, etc.) We are working with a number of member and soon-to-be-members in scheduling new contracts with American buyers of these products.

Lastly, new supplies are need for many, many thousands of businesses. These businesses, some new some old and rebuilding, all need new supplies at competitive prices. These minority-owned SMEs have traditionally not had direct access to the Chinese market and the products found therein. SATDA is changing all that, and has requested and expects to receive help from the Federal, State, and local governments in connecting Chinese companies directly with these American SMEs. We are contacting our member companies as quickly as we can identify the needs required and can match them with a members' core competency.

Look for more on the progress of SATDA' s efforts in New Orleans and the surrounding areas in upcoming issues.