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Robert Goodman hosts delegation from Philadelphia

The Sino-America Trade Development Association has invited a Philadelphia business delegation to visit China. The 10 members of Philadelphia business delegation consists of high lever officials of local enterprises led by Mr. Mjenzi K. Traylor, Vice Minister of Philadelphia Department of Commerce and Ms. Carol Brooks, Manager of International Trade Department. The purpose of this trip is to seek out new business and trade partnerships in various industries including: electrical equipment, cosmetic jewelry, TV programs, medical equipment, and telecom communication industry equipment. The delegation will visit Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing and Hongkong during the 10 day business trip. On the 16th, they will visit their friendship city of Tianjin where they will meet with Tianjin government officials and visit related enterprises in the Tianjin Development Trade Zone. Our Association will arrange the meeting with our local members who may benefit from these meetings. From the 17th to 19th, our Association will host the "Philadelphia Trade Delegation for 2005 Nanjing Investment & Trade Fair" in the Nanjing hotelĄŁThere will be 500 companies attending the conference. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhou Yuequn who is the former president of Asia Bank, and a recognized international financing expert, will deliver a speech on "How to attract oversea investment and different financing options."