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Robert Goodman and SATDA host delegation from devastated parts of Louisiana

This November 10th, a delegation invited by SATDA will arrive in Beijing to work with SATDA on establishing relationships that will help in rebuilding the devastated communities in their State. Areas they will be focusing on will be the types of housing materials available, and, especially, on the availability of entire pre-fab houses. SATDA has already arranged for several meetings for the delegates with leading industry suppliers eager to participate in the Louisiana venture.

The delegation will be composed of high level diplomats and businessmen who will be spearheading several redevelopment projects. They will be in Beijing for several days and will be holding a number of meetings designed to maximize their productivity and that will identify the best partnerships and relationships promoting the fastest redevelopment successes back in the States.

Next month we will look into the value-added to the recovery of Louisiana by this delegation and will relate to our members how they too can participate in this and similar ttade development efforts.