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Robert Goodman leads SATDA into collaborative effort with the Yuxin Training School

SATDA held its first meetings with the Yuxin Training School to develop some innovative new programs for learning and culture exchange with students and teachers from the United States. The school will design curriculums for students in a variety of disciplines, although the initial curriculums will be tailored to those wishing to gain a deeper perspective on Chinese culture.

The initial target audience for these programs will be American college students wishing to get exposure to China, its people, and its culture. 30-day programs will be created for those interested, and a variety of topics will be covered where they will be introduced to many types of cultural topics, from exposure to Chinese arts, to reviews on the Chinese business environment, economy, and laws. Eventually, specific curriculums may also be developed for specialized groups such as those wishing to study mathematics, physics, art, and other physical and social sciences.

Programs will also be tailored for the families of expats who live and work in China and who would like to learn about their new home from experts who have many years of experience sharing knowledge with others. Furthermore, reverse student exchange programs will be created that will allow Chinese student and academic scholars to travel to colleges in America for learning exchange. These programs will evolve as the relationship between SATDA and the Yuxin Training School solidifies, and proven results and established programs and protocols are enacted.

The initial meetings with SATDA's honored guests from the Yuxin Training School who are taking the lead in this endeavor, whose combined teaching experience was over 100 years between the three of them, went extremely well. All parties felt there was a good strategic fit between SATDA in their school given SATDA's past cultural and education projects between the United States and China. We are pleased with the results so far, and anticipate the actual launch of programs in the very near future. We promise to keep you informed.