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Bob Goodman meets with leading American SME's

Between April and May, the Chairman of SATDA, Mr. Robert Goodman, held several strategic planning meetings with American small and medium-sized companies (SME' s). They discussed bilateral trade cooperation, including potential joint venture and investment opportunities that can now be found in China. Mr. Goodman, also, discussed many of the services that SATDA provides to help bridge the trade divides between China and America.

When it came to discussing the changing investment climate for SME' s in America and China, it was noted that there has been a general shift in investment priorities for MNC' s with projects in China. One of the key changes that was observed was the move up the value-chain ladder from simple machining and assembly/manufacturing work, to a heavier proportion of projects that yield research, management, and service outputs.

Currently, there are 40,000 American companies with vested interests in China. China, in turn, has become the United States 3rd largest trading partner and the 6th largest market for American exports. Of the American businesses now working and/or investing in China, SME' s have rapidly become a leading force. This change away from only the large U.S. companies doing business in China can be traced to China's WTO status change. Before China became a member of the WTO, many firms, especially SME' s, felt the risks were just too great to proceed. Only the larger corporations could afford to risk the time and money to explore China's market potential. However, since China became a WTO member and began to adopt the same trade policies approved and accepted by the worldwide business community, the level of risk for all organizations, including SME' s, has dropped significantly. It is for this reason that American SME' s have begun, in large numbers, to seek out joint venture and investment opportunities in the Chinese business community. Helping them to do this every step of the way is SATDA.

SATDA is committed to building bridges between Chinese and American companies. Its years of experience, deep understanding of each country's culture and business philosophy, and extensive array of tools, contacts and services, all contribute to the service portfolio maintained by SATDA to help Chinese and American SME' s reach out and establish new business relationships.