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Robert Goodman helps SATDA and the Tianjin High-Technology Zone develop a Cooperative Initiative

On May 13th, 2004, Mr. Robert E. Goodman, Chairman of Sino-American Trade Development Association, who was invited by Mr. Guoying Zong, Vice Director of the Administrative Committee of the Tianjin High-Tech Industry Zone, visited the zone with two other SATDA representatives and negotiated a basic agreement of cooperative intent. The Tianjin High-Tech Industry Zone is one of the first high-technology zones approved by the Chinese State Department. The zone consists of three parts: the Huayuan Industry Zone, located just southwest of the city and encompassing about 12 square kilometers; the Policy Zone, located in the Nankai District of Tianjin; and, the Jingjintang Highway Industry Zone, which, in itself, includes the Wuqing Development Zone, the Beichen Technology Industry Zone, and the Tanggu Ocean Technology Industry zone. The representatives of SATDA visited only the Huayuan Industry Zone on this trip.

Mr. Zhe Li, Director General of the Finance Bureau, Mr. Ningjian Li, Director General of the Recruitment Business Bureau, Mr. Qifen Ran, the first representative of the Tianjin High-Tech Zone's newly established communication office in Beijing, along with several other leaders from the Tianjin High-Tech Industry Zone, all accompanied Mr. Goodman's group during its visit to the Huayuan Industry Zone. At the Investigation and Development Center in the Huayuan Industry Zone, they all participated in a meeting and discussed inviting U.S. companies to invest in Tianjin, organizing a visit by companies within the High-Tech Zone to America, and several other important issues. During the meeting, they also approved the agreement on cooperative intention. Each of these actions will be beneficial to improving the cooperation between the U.S. and Tianjin's High Technology Industry Zone in the near future.

The leaders of the Tianjin High-Tech Industry Zone warmly welcomed the SATDA delegation, and provided a brief overview about the zone. They identified several important fields for business development in the Zone, such as: IT products and services, new biological products and medicines, and new energy sources/new materials for improved environmental protection. Mr. Goodman concluded with a summary of SATDA's mission and service principles.