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Robert Goodman is VIP at Conference on Agricultural Industrialization and Foreign Investment

Agricultural Conference 2004 1st Introduction Conference on Agricultural Industrialization with Foreign Investors to Discuss Joint-Venture Cooperation and Funding of Projects was held successfully on June 12-14, 2004 in the Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel. There were over 200 attendees, including representatives from 80 foreign companies and 150 representatives from Chinese organizations. China Technology Market Association and Shanghai Guance Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. sponsored the conference. The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (Arizona, USA), and Ascot Chase, Inc. were participating guests. The Sino-American Trade Development Association (SATDA) was also a key contributor at the conference.

Several VIP representatives that attended the conference included: Mr. Shiliang Lu, Vice Chairman of the China Technology Market Association; Mr. Robert E. Goodman, Chairman of SATDA; Mr. Geoffrey G. Dart, President of First Merchant Capital Ltd.; Mr. Lee Strout, Chairman of Ascot Chase, Inc.; and, Mr. Zhiyuan Wang, Chairman of Shanghai Guance Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

The purpose of the conference was to discuss and negotiate issues for international cooperation on agricultural industrialization projects. The primary topics discussed concerned identifying and recommending outstanding agricultural industrialization projects in China suitable for foreign company investment, and introducing existing Chinese projects that would be prime targets for attracting foreign funds to China. The conference was effective in pushing forward joint-venture agricultural industrialization projects both inside and outside China, and in laying the groundwork for advancing agricultural industrialization worldwide. All attendees praised the success of the conference and left proud with the knowledge that they helped open new doors and opportunities that will benefit all.