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With Robert Goodman's help Cultural Icon "Blue Cat" becomes Goodwill Ambassador to China and heads to Mickey's Hometown

Good news straight from the 2004 Guangzhou Fair, which opened this past September 16th. A formal agreement was signed between the Sanchen Cartoon Group, Sino-American Trade Development Association (SATDA), and Westcoast International Culture Spreading Company, Ltd. The agreement, supported by the Broadcast Television Bureau (BTB), the Chinese Culture Ministry, the National News Publishing House and the Changsha City government, calls for action to introduce "Blue Cat" to America so that a broader audience can enjoy his antics as well as learn a little bit more about Chinese culture.

Chen Tong, head of Audiovisual Films marketing department in the Ministry of Culture, ZhongChi, the Mayor of Chengsha city, Wang Danyan, the Vice-Director of the BTB, Liu Hongbing, the Assistant Chief of the Broadcast, Movie & Television Bureau in Guangdong, Song Hanwei, Diplomacy Consul of the American Consulate in Guangzhou, Mr. Lock and officials from the American Chamber of Commerce, representatives of the economic and trade bureaus of five states, and Robert Goodman, the Chairman of SATDA all participated in the signing ceremony.

As the largest digital cartoon production and marketing company in China, the Sanchen Cartoon Group has developed an understanding of taking products global by conforming to international standards. Since 1999, the Sanchen Group has had a license for developing movie and cartoon markets for Chinese products. So far, the group has broadcast "Blue Cat" on more than 1000 TV stations from the Chinese mainland to Hong Kong to Taiwan and to 10 countries throughout Asia and the Middle East.

For extending the "Blue Cat" series to the American market, the Sanchen group has done some changes to "Blue Cat" to make more interesting storylines for a global audience, as well as improve the effects used to meet today's market expectations for cartoon shows. SATDA's Chaiman, Mr. Robert Goodman, negotiated with the Sanchen Cartoon Group and agreed to help introduce "Blue Cat" to America - creating a new market for this Asian cartoon phenomenon. Mr. Goodman, the former Far-East advisor to Former US President Nixon said, "I am very honored to take this gentle, loving and smart Blue Cat to America. American kids should know more about China."

The export of the "Blue Cat" cartoon product to America is not just a great breakthrough for cultural exchange between China and the United States; it is also an excellent example of project with full cooperation between mainland China and Taiwan. Mr. San Wenhua, the President of the Sanchen Cartoon group proclaimed that "ˇ­cooperation with SATDA to bring 'Blue Cat' to America will help with cultural exchange and allow for different nationalities to develop stronger bonds. We hope the children will enjoy this healthy, knowledgeable cartoon character, and look forward to its rapid acceptance into the American marketplace once the translation from Chinese is finished." Mr. Bob Goodman concurred with the sentiment of Mr. San Wenhua by saying "our cooperation is not only out of any particular commercial interest. I think this is a great way to foster Sino-American cultural exchange."

The Sanchen Cartoon Group began exploring new ideas and business structures a few years ago, ideas from which Blue Cat has benefited. It also has set a precedent and transforming this industry by using the cartoon as a cultural education tool. Xu Guang Chun, the Minister of National Broadcast TV Bureau reviewed the Blue Cat plan and affirmed the motivation and plans for distributing Blue Cat to a global audience. To the delight of the Sanchen Group, the show has already proven to be immensely popular with the children in all the countries it is currently aired, and retail sales of Blue Cat merchandise are going through the roof. The Deloitte-Touche consultancy estimates the felines market value to be in excess of Y740 million

Wang Danyan said at the signing ceremony, "The National BTB has always supported every culture initiative in the field of broadcast film and TV that would better develop relations between the US and China and serve as examples of international exchange and cooperation. We pay a great deal of attention to the children of both countries to understand their country's cats and the role they play in culture so that shows will capture their interest."

Now, Blue Cat and his 7 buddies will soon show up on American TV as friendliness messengers from China. SATDA will be a key and valued leader in the promotion of Blue Cat in the USA. SATDA will also offer the California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger who is a film star himself, the opportunity and privilege of using Blue Cat as a tool to help bring California and China closer together. A combination of the Governor's "iron man" image cooperating with the gentle and cute Blue Cat will create a "shockwave effect" that is hoped will attract children and begin building bridges between the two nations through a deeper understanding of each others culture born in their children's common enjoyment of the Blue Cat cartoon series.