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Mayor of Dalian, China meets with Robert Goodman of SATDA

Mr. Robert Goodman, Chairman of Sino-America Trade Development Association, arrived in Dalian on the 31th of October with a small delegation representing various American interests. The following morning, the Mayor of Dalian, Mr. Xia De Ren met with Mr. Goodman in a VIP Conference at the Municipal City Hall of Dalian. They shared information on topics of common interest and reaffirmed their friendship and goodwill toward each other.

Mr. Xia De Ren first discussed specific development plans for his city as well as the current investment climate. He also spoke about how he felt that through the Dalian World Trade Center they could develop better international ties.

Mr. Goodman, in turn, discussed his impending candidacy for Lieutenant Governor in the State of Nevada, USA. He looked forward to an improved ability to develop tangible trade and investment relations with Dalian through this new position, which was one of the reasons he came to visit Dalian now and strengthen relations with the Mayor and other business and trade leaders. Another reason for Mr. Goodman's visit to Dalian was to discuss the U.S. Company Catalog Showcase that will work in conjunction with the Dalian World Trade Center to promote new relationships. The potential for a bi-lateral development effort between Dalian and the LA MART (a trade venue in Los Angeles, California) that could lead to improved relations, understanding, and exchange of business and trade opportunities was also studied.

Mr. Xia De Ren complemented SATDA and spoke of his respect for SATDA's ongoing efforts. Through these efforts, he said noting Mr. Goodman's particularly valuable contributions, he was hopeful of expanding the cooperation between China and America on economic trade and investment fronts. According to the Mayor, "Dalian city has attached great importance to economical trade with the United States. Currently, the two countries have set up the groundwork for continually improving relationships and exchanges on culture, education, environmental protection, and a number of other common areas of interest." Mayor Xia De Ren asked Mr. Goodman to continue to play a leading role in Dalian's economic development, and to actively promote greater cooperation between the two countries on an expanding range of issues. Mr. Goodman, on behalf of SATDA, committed to keep Dalian's interests in mind. He especially again noted his belief that the Dalian World Trade Center is an area of great potential for mutual cooperation projects. He concluded that it is not only our mission to promote opportunities like those presented in Dalian, but also it was SATDA's obligation. SATDA will actively work on new programs of cooperation, including organizing delegations of American entrepreneurs to visit and investigate Dalian. Mr. Goodman concluded that he would, "like to solidify relations with your city and discover, in-depth, more opportunities for trade that Dalian has to offer in order to create more productive trade efforts between Dalian and America."

The meeting was a wonderful success that had all parties looking forward to a bright and prosperous future.กก