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Mayor of Changsha City meets with Robert Goodman

On April 1st£¬Tan Zhongchi, Mayor of Hunan Province's Changsha City, met with the Chairman of Sino American Trade Development Association in the International Hotel. Invited by Mayor Tan, Chairman Goodman received a sincere, warm welcome.

Mr. Tan introduced Hunan province's background of agriculture and tourism. He related an old saying that, "the whole nation will have enough food when Hunan and Guangdong get a good harvest". The output of rice and live pigs in Hunan is the greatest in the country. In regards to tourism, there are Dongting Lake, the first lake in China, and Yueyang Tower, which some claim is the most beautiful tower in China. Also, Heng Mountain and Zhangjiajie have been recognized by the U.N. nature conservancy as sites of world value.

Since 1980s, Hunan has grown at over 9£¥ per annum in economic output. Hunan province has set up economic and trade relations with more than 160 countries and regions. Mr. Goodman introduced to the Mayor the California Agriculture Fair and Exhibition that runs from August 12th through September 5th, and discussed the potential for using it as a platform to develop new relations with the agricultural and hi-tech juggernaut that California's economy represents. Mr. Goodman explained that if Changsha could arrange more agriculture projects to attend activities such as California exhibit, agricultural products from Changsha would gain recognition not just in California, but across the entire United States. At the same time, American agriculture leaders could develop new lines of communication with their counterparts in Changsha.

During this outreach, Mr. Goodman had time to visit the former residence of Mao Zedong in Shaoshan accompanied with local government leaders. He was hosted for a grand banquet to conclude his mission to Changsha.