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-- Press Release --

Las Vegas , Nevada - Bob Goodman, candidate for Lieutenant Governor has a long history of helping businesses to grow in Nevada . He pioneered productive programs for Nevada 's business climate as Director of the Department of Tourism and Economic Development in the 1970's.

However, the world has changed since the 1970's and Bob Goodman has risen to the challenge of today's interdependent global economy. In recent years, Bob Goodman has been building a global bridge between China and America economically, politically and culturally.

Goodman's insights and opinions on international trade and investment have come during years of directly investigating and developing strong relationships with Chinese business and political leaders.

To accomplish his global outreach mission, Goodman created the Sino-American Trade Development Association to help America 's small- and medium-sized businesses to market their products in the rapidly growing Chinese economy which is growing at 9.5% annually.

Bob Goodman has dedicated himself to the pursuit of improving economic, political and cultural ties between China and the United States . He has spent time developing solid relationships in more than 20 provinces around china. During the initial stages of China 's opening up to the world during the Reagan administration, Mr. Goodman led top executives of the American Chamber of Commerce and numerous business leaders on visits to China to meet high level Chinese officials.

For many years, Goodman has worked closely with the U.S. Commerce Department and the U.S. Small Business Administration's Office of International Trade to create new channels of opportunity for American business to enter the lucrative China marketplace of more than 1.4 people. Today, China government officials are promoting a consumer based economy which has given rise to China 's fastest growing middle class of more than 300 million middle class consumers.

Nevada is in a very unique position to benefit from the growing economic energy of China and other Pacific Rim nations, Bob stated, I believe that with my experience working for economic development in Nevada and now abroad, I can greatly assist Nevada in taking full advantage of our dynamic global economy, especially in China . In this digital information age, I believe that Nevada 's diversified economy of tourism and world class entertainment is ideally suited to take full advantage of hosting millions of guests from Asia who want to learn more about America their strongest trading partner. Nevada can provide a special cultural bridge between China and America . I believe in both tourism and business development as the essential keys to an ever green and dynamic business climate for Nevada and this is good, very good indeed, for all our citizens.