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-- Press Release --

Las Vegas , Nevada - Bob Goodman, a Nevada native son, is a trail blazing innovator who has been promoting both tourism and economic development for the Silver State for more than three decades with substantial and significant accomplishments to his credit.

Bob Goodman was named Director, Department of Tourism and Economic Development by Governor Mike O'Callaghan (1971-1979). Under Bob's innovative leadership during the 1970's oil embargo, Nevada continued to welcome travelers and the state's tourism industry flourished and grew.

Goodman created a novel and results oriented marketing strategy of dividing Nevada into several major tourist destinations to attract and stimulate tourism throughout the state. The state was divided into four distinct “countries” as follows: Pioneer Trails Country, Stagecoach country, Covered Wagon Country and Prospector Country.

The clever promotional campaign succeeded in attracting many visitors to various locations throughout the state. Thousands of mail in requests for travel information flooded the Tourism Department each month of the aggressive adverting. The “countries” program was so productive for Nevada tourism that the following Administration made it a top priority for the Lt. Governor's office.

Many of components of this pioneering program are some of the key elements of Bob Goodman's current campaign platform for Lt. Governor where he wants to continue and expand the concept of “discovering all the many destinations inside Nevada .” Goodman feels that Nevada residents, new comers and visitors should explore the many historical and recreational areas of Nevada from Lake Tahoe to Lake Mead . Nevada is state of unending discovery that can enrich one's travel adventures into the Old West according to Goodman.

The United States Travel Service invited Bob Goodman to join forces with them for a global outreach to Asia . This launched Bob Goodman's global outreach on behalf of Nevada which continues to this day in China . Goodman led a delegation of Nevada 's top tourism executives on a high level visit to Japan , Hong Kong and Australia . In Japan , the owners of Ponderosa Ranch, Lake Tahoe were so well received that they joined with Bob Goodman on follow up visit the following year.

The Anderson 's presented a replica of the Ponderosa Ranch House to Japanese tourism officials. Goodman invited a large group of Japanese travel editors and writers to visit Nevada and experience the history and atmosphere of the early Western United States for themselves. Goodman hosted a state wide visit for the writers who traveled by ground transportation to Eureka , Ely, Austin and participated in an old fashion chuck wagon barbecue at Wheeler Park . As a direct result many articles, photographs and features were published encouraging Japanese tourists to America to visit Nevada .

Goodman's Economic Development programs trail blazed in bringing economic expansion, growth and jobs into Nevada . Bob led the effort to bring into Nevada companies such as Electronic Dispensers International, J.C. Penny, Levi Strauss, Buster Brown Textiles, McDonnell-Douglas and the Admiral Corporation.

Goodman worked closely with the chambers of commerce throughout the state to entice Hollywood to come to Nevada . By the mid 1970's Hollywood producers were coming into Nevada for both full length theatrical releases as well as scores of television specials and commercials. So successful was the program initiated by Bob Goodman that it blossomed into a full division of the State's Economic Development Commission with the creation of the Nevada Film Office in 1983. To this day, film and TV production in Nevada brings employment and large sums of money into an area where a film is being shot on location.

Another major milestone in economic development for Nevada was taken in 1976 when Goodman led a successful effort to get Nevada into the Four Corners Regional Commission. During the life of the Four Corners Regional Commission, Nevada received tens of millions of dollars in development grants.

Bob Goodman's legacy of tourism and economic growth continue today with the emerging global economy, especially from South Asia where Bob has pioneered in bringing. American business into China and Chinese business to America . “The primary role of Nevada 's Lieutenant Governor centers on development of tourism and the state's economy,” states Goodman. “Tourism and economic development have been at the heart of every position I have ever held. Today, Nevada is in a very unique position to tap into the important and growing economic growth of the Pacific Rim nations.”