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When a State is changing rapidly and competition mounts for tourist dollars and for attracting the companies that employ the citizens of our State, a leader with a track record of success in such environments is needed.

I have been the Director of Economic Development before for this state (and for Wyoming), and have brought companies like JC Penney (their distribution operations) and Levi Strauss here, as well as a number of other companies that provide so many jobs to our citizens throughout the state. I have created some of the most successful campaigns for attracting tourists to Nevada , gamblers and recreational adventurers alike.

My success in my work led to our State's government creation of the post of Lieutenant Governor to carry on the work I started.

In addition, by capitalizing on the beginnings made by our current Lieutenant Governor in reaching out to China to improve trading and tourism relations, I will use my expertise, contacts an more than a decade of experience in China and around Asia to create real bottom-line benefits for Nevadans.

I am the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor, because I have done it before; and, right now our State needs someone who can do it again. I am not motivated by my own political future like some others seem at times to be. I am at a time in my life when I see I can contribute my knowledge and energetic determination to creating so many new opportunities for Nevada 's economy.

I create great ideas. My platform is simple. I won't be working to further my political career; I will be simply working for my fellow Nevadans. I will use my PROVEN experience and my PROVEN ability to get results for Nevada's business and tourist industries to improve the lives and fortunes of all our State's people in the rural areas as much as in the urban ones. I am beholden to no specific group, my campaign is grassroots. It draws its strength from people who want results and not politicking and pretty speeches.

I will work with my team, and those others in the government who can assist me, in implementing new initiatives to expand our global trade, especially with Asia . I will work to increase our percentage of Asian tourism dollars, which represents the fastest growing segment in the world. I will use my ability to negotiate and attract new business to our State, and I will create new jobs. I have done it before for two different States, and I will do it again now for the State I call home Nevada .

I am dedicated to improving the economic base of our state and increasing the prosperity all Nevadans deserve. I hope you will support me in the upcoming elections.

Yours truly,

Robert E. (Bob) Goodman