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About Robert E. (Bob) Goodman


Profile: As an influential visionary, Mr. Goodman has a proven track record in international relations and of effective leadership. Mr. Goodman's key strengths include: economic and tourism development; international trade and investment development; international matchmaking and partnership development; international political relationship finesse; leading skilled and effective cross-functional teams; and, championing new ideas and values throughout an organization.

Key Accomplishments: Economic Development Director, State of Nevada; Economic Development Director, State of Wyoming; Director of Sonoma County's Economic Development Department; Executive Director of Moreno Valley Chamber of Commerce; Executive Director North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce; Chairman of Sino-American Trade Development Association; Leading International Trade Expert with specific emphasis on Asian-American trade.

Other Notable Activities: Mr. Goodman first met with and discusses the opening of the US Relationship with China with President Nixon in 1972. He then came to Hong Kong , Taiwan and China in 1977, 1978 representing the Governor of Nevada. Later, in the Spring of 1985, Mr. Goodman brought the first American Delegation of 25 professionals to China to take part in the Guangzhou Fair. Ever since that first historical trade mission, Mr. Goodman has lead many missions to China and Taiwan . In 1991, in Hong Kong , Mr. Goodman established the “Mexican – China Business Association”. That same year he started and organized the fund raising activities with the support of ex. President Jimmy Carter to help the leukemia victims.


Sino-American Trade Development Association (SATDA)

2001-Present As the Chairman of SATDA , Mr. Goodman provided strategic direction and leadership for an organization dedicated to expanding trade and investment opportunities between Chinese and American Small and Mid-size companies.

•  Utilize a fundamental understanding & strong ties with economic development leaders throughout China to promote new opportunities for American SME's.

•  Organized numerous high-level visits from influential policy makers in America to come to China to speak at lectures and conferences to promote American products and services.

•  Coordinate efforts between our organization and the Chairman of CCPIT.

•  Act as the direct liaison and consultant between American and Chinese concerns in all areas – channel development, localized marketing, governmental influence, private investment, etc.

•  Act as focal point for directing and invigorating the strategies pursued by the organization to create new trade and investment opportunities for small and mid-size companies in and between America and China.

•  Repeatedly appeared on CCTV's “Dialogue” show to discuss issues of importance to Sino-American trade.

1996-2000 Robert Goodman Associates

As President, Mr. Goodman worked to help the small and medium sized businesses in America access the growing Chinese marketplace. He also devoted much of his organization's energies in helping women and minority-owned businesses to access China .

•  Promoted cultural events, sporting events, and business development events in China and the USA .

•  Worked hard to further develop his range and influence with Chinese and American private and public organizations interested in expanding Sino-US dialog and trade.

•  Mr. Goodman also was and continues to be an active promoter of the Special Olympics.

1993-1995 American Airlines, Cargo Services

As the GSA for American Airlines, he utilized his experience and contacts in the region to help build new business relationships to increase the company's market penetration.

•  Focused on the development of an effective vision and business plan.

•  Formulated extensive relationship building plans and media strategies to promote the interests of the organization.

•  Made presentations to selected investors and partners and obtained commitments.

1990-1993 Independent Consultant

As an Independent Consultant, Mr. Goodman worked with many firms on trade development plans. He used his experience as Economic Development director for two different US states to help guide clients on paths to market expansion.

•  Crafted and championed new relationships through his network of contacts and new customers.

•  Created and strengthened partnerships between newly introduced organizations to spur their mutual development competencies and efforts.

•  Completed difficult negotiations on extensive and innovative business partnerships for clients.

•  Advised on plans and objectives for new PR and advertising campaigns and other vehicles that could add-value to various clients' attempts to further develop and expand their marketplaces.

1988-1990 The Ormsby House

As their Marketing Director , Mr. Goodman managed the strategy and tactics for expanding the market for the company's services.

•  Developed from scratch a comprehensive strategy, along with tactical and implementation plans for the Ormsby House.

•  Conducted indirect market research that helped guide the organizations efforts.

•  Utilized effective relationship management techniques to develop new business.

1986-1988 Moreno Valley's Chamber of Commerce

As Managing Director, Mr. Goodman provided the vision, direction, and management for the Chamber – building on his past experiences leading other Chambers and from his roles leading the economic expansion and development efforts of Nevada and Wyoming .

•  Primary responsibility was to provide effective leadership to the Chamber and create innovative plans for executing the organization's goals.

•  Devised ways for the community to promote itself to a wider selection of companies – highlighting the geographic, demographic, and economic potential of the area.

•  Envisioned and launched projects that created new relationships inside and outside the community through the use of effective leadership and vision.

1984-1986 State of Wyoming , Economic Development Office

Appointed by the Governor Hirschfield as the Director of Economic Development , Mr. Goodman used his experience and ability to provide effective direction to my team to create new business opportunities for the State of Wyoming .

•  Created a number of innovative new programs to attract new businesses and families to Wyoming .

•  Oversaw P&L for department to ensure effective utilization of resources.

•  Managed relationships with public and private organizations that could aid in stimulating the State's economic development.

•  Created and implemented procedures to ensure various projects' objectives were met.

1981-1984 Sonora County, California , Economic Development Office

As the Executive Director , he provided creative direction to the county with ideas to generate new economic expansion for the region.

•  Promoted Economic Development for Sonora , CA through innovative strategies and tactics.

•  Oversaw P&L for department to ensure effective utilization of resources.

•  Created new partnerships and programs that expanded the regions attractiveness to potential investors and resident businesses.

1979-1981 Consultant to the City of North Las Vegas

As a Consultant to the City of North Las Vegas , Mr. Goodman provided directives for reaching targeted public and private development goals.

•  Brought a creative new force to the efforts being made by the City of North Las Vegas to enhance their economic base.

•  Reviewed existing programs and commented on their strategic value, often offering new suggestions to increase the effectiveness of the various initiatives.

•  Networked extensively to create new relationships that led to many new opportunities for the city.

1972-1978 State of Nevada

Appointed by the Governor Michael O'Callaghan of Nevada as the Director of Nevada Department of Economics' Development , Mr. Goodman created programs, especially internationally targeted ones, that would expand the business base, its productivity and its profitability, in the State of Nevada .

•  So effectively implemented the Governor's promises for new economic development that the State created the new post of Lieutenant Governor to carry on his duties after he left office.

•  Heavily focused efforts of a very limited staff and budget to attract new industry to the State. Notable successes include bringing to the State: J.C.Penney Catalog house, McDonnel Douglas, Levi Strauss, Buster Brown, and the Admiral Corporation.

•  Used innovative tourism campaigns to greatly increase the tourist trade for Nevada . Created several tourism campaigns that are still unmatched to this day, including the “Stay an Extra Day”, the overseas “Visit Nevada” program that broke new ground on outreach efforts, and the “We're Right Next Door” campaign that targeted Hollywood movie makers to come to Southern Nevada to film.

•  Promoted the recreational aspects of the State's tourism industry.

•  Provided leadership and inventiveness in promoting Las Vegas to others during the severe gas crises of the 70's

1969-1971 Chamber of Commerce, City of North Las Vegas

As the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce , Mr. Goodman promoted Economic Development for the City of North Las Vegas .

•  Used networking and relationship building skills to stimulate participation of the business community in new outreach programs designed to expand the economic base of the North Las Vegas territory.

•  Focused resources on goals designed to provide immediate tangible results for the community.

•  Identified the benefits of and for businesses in the area and promoted the attractiveness to others.

1956-1970 Aday & Goodman Real Estate

As the President , Mr. Goodman led the efforts of this small company to promote real estate development in the Barstow , CA area.

•  Used tenacious tactics to find interested parties and convert them to new Barstow real estate landowners and developers.

•  Spurred new development in the area through the ongoing activities of his firm.

U.S. Marine - Honorable Discharge