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Robert Goodman meets with US Embassy's Commerce Chief

SATDA officials Messrs. Goodman and Yan, and secretary Ms Yu, recently had an official discussion with Mr. Bruce, the consul with the Commerce Department of the American Embassy in Beijing. The meeting took place at the Embassy's Commerce Office at the Kerry Centre.

Matters discussed covered a wide spectrum of mutual interests, including the importance of the ongoing contact between the two participants' organizations. Also on the agenda was SATDA's reiteration of its core policy of promoting the products of small- and medium-sized American enterprises (SME's) into the China market, just as Chinese SME's have long marketed their products in the United States.

In this context, Chinese light-industry products already selling in large quantities to America include textiles and myriad other items. China's agricultural produce also enjoys a large share of the U.S. market.

Messrs Goodman and Yan stressed that SATDA is doing all it can to encourage small- and medium-sized American companies and entrepreneurs to export their goods to China.

During the 40-minute meeting, Mr. Goodman also specified for Mr. Bruce the perception, function and implementation of SATDA's projects in relation to American SME's. This briefing included the organization of technology-exchange for SME's in Qingdao. He also talked about the role and value of APEC, one of the world's largest economic and business forums, which meets in June each year, and which currently brings together almost countless SME's from 21 member countries. Mr. Goodman said SATDA was determined to see APEC include more Chinese SME's as well as American counterparts come under its umbrella.

After the Beijing meeting, Mr. Goodman noted that, as secretary of the American Commerce Department in China, Mr. Bruce was naturally interested in the activities of SATDA and that he had kindly undertaken to help the association contact American SME's, support the association in its efforts to attract more members and also encourage more and more locally-based American business people to both be aware of SATDA and to buy American SME products for the China market via the association's Tradelinks Program.

Mr. Bruce also offered his cooperation with SATDA in the organization of merchandise/trade shows, business promotional activities, and assistance with seminars and lectures. Meanwhile, SATDA plans to organize a Beijing seminar prior to this year's June APEC meeting. The seminar will be titled"America Products Show Week".