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SATDA hosts the Assistant Administrator for International Trade for the US Small Business Administration at July Trade Conference

This past June 23rd, SATDA was proud to host a conference with Mr. Manuel A. Rosales as the keynote speaker. Mr. Rosales is the Assistant Administrator for International Trade at the US Small Business Administration - an organization dedicated to providing small businesses the tools and access to financial sources they need to succeed in today's world. For the past 50 years the SBA, in the words of Mr. Rosales, "has been aiding small businesses become large businesses." The SBA is also a doorway that helps small businesses get government contracts. Each year the United States government buys more than $240,000,000,000 worth of goods and services and 25% of that amount must come from small businesses. Joint-venture Chinese-American enterprises can access this vast potential market, and SATDA and the SBA are poised to help.

Some of SBA's notable successes are Intel, Apple Computers, Nike, Outback Steakhouse, FedEx, and Compaq computers. These are examples of where the SBA was able to provide information on how to grow small businesses, as well as, the financing to get them off the ground. Each is now a global success, and many are leaders in their respective fields.

Mr. Rosales also discussed how the SBA's relationship with the CCPIT could help with two-way trade. For instance, through trade missions the SBA and CCPIT can promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge - allowing American and Chinese companies to learn best practices from each other. SATDA is pleased to participate and contribute to the success of such future trade missions.

Also, presenting at the conference were Raja Magasweran, the Managing Director of China Business Associates, Inc., Andrew Rodriguez, the Chairman & CEO of ACT Inc., and Lee Shrout, the President of Ascot Chase, Inc. These three Sino-US trade specialists invited by SATDA to speak at the conference shared valuable and insightful information on the benefits and difficulties of trade with China. Their years of experience in the Chinese market and abroad have made them respected leaders in the field of international trade. SATDA was proud to host them, as well as, Mr. Manual Rosales from the U.S. SBA at the conference.

Lastly, SATDA would like to acknowledge the many business and political leaders who accepted our invitation and attended the conference. We at SATDA would especially like to acknowledge Mayor Liu Yuxiang who traveled from his city of ZaoZhuang in the Shandong Province to attend and participate in SATDA's conference.