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SATDA has follow-up meeting with Fmr. Governor of California Davis

During one of California's most beautiful seasons, in the midst of spectacular scenery, SATDA's Chairman, Mr. Robert Goodman, again met with Former Governor Gray Davis to follow-up on projects initiated during their meeting last month as well as review several additional ones.

Robert Goodman and SATDA were proud to host the Former Governor and his wife in China and escort them to the APEC meeting in Qingdao. During this trip where the Vice-Governor of the Shangdong province, Mr. Sun Shoupu, received the Former Governor and SATDA's Chairman, solid ties were developed between SATDA and Mr. Davis that we continue to develop and strengthen.

During their July meeting in California, the two leaders discussed several new initiatives and trends that SATDA has been responsible for developing. Mr. Davis praised the work we continue to do to promote Sino-US trade, and the repeated successes we are reaping in expanding trade and investment between China and the USA for our members. He continued, "SME's in both China and America need to increase their understanding of each other so they can develop the trust and cooperation needed to produce win-win situations." Mr. Davis also worked with SATDA's Chairman, Mr. Goodman, on several obstacles that continue to be issues in expanding trade and investment and discussed the feasibility of implementing certain suggested solutions.

Mr. Goodman would again like to extend his deep appreciation of the hard work and concern that Mr. Davis has done in the support of SATDA's efforts. Their mutual respect and admiration for each other's work and dedication have strengthened their growing relationship and willingness to cooperate on progressive initiatives. SATDA continues to look forward to working with such a committed and passionate supporter of expanding Sino-US SME trade and investment growth.