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Chairman of Sino-American Trade Development Association

Robert E. Goodman Part 3

This month is our final look into the history of SATDA and its founder and Chairman, Mr. Robert E. Goodman. A continuation from the last two issues, this article gives a brief insight into the last several years of Mr. Goodman's efforts in developing Sino-American trade and investment.

As has been detailed before, Sino-American Trade Development Association has been in existence for the past 14 years now. However, it once existed under the moniker of Sino-American Trade Development Council. Both were the brainchild of Mr. Goodman and dedicated to helping SME's to reach out across the Pacific. SATDA has now matured into a full-service trade association led by the vision of Mr. Goodman, our Chairman. With contacts and members from across China and the United States, Mr. Goodman has fostered strong relationships not just with the SME's that we serve, but with the government officials, economic development specialists, and trade industry leaders necessary for effectively networking on behalf of our members.

The latest chapter in Mr. Goodman's story has him traveling to the States to work the political side harder to open more doors for trade and develop new business connections. He has thrown his hat into the ring in a bid to become Nevada's next Lieutenant Governor. As Lt. Governor, Mr. Goodman will be able to maintain a strategic vision for us at SATDA, and work hard to develop strong, tangible bridges between the US and China. His position will benefit his constituents because of his strong understanding and relations with China, and it will also benefit Sino-American relations because it will improve understanding and exchange between the countries.

His vision, enthusiasm, and work ethic are still inspiring us at SATDA. The future looks promising for us all.

China should join the trend toward internationalization of all its markets

On the afternoon of November 25, 2004, entrusted by U.S.A. California government and in the prize-awarding ceremony of the California State Award in Sanya, an honored guest delivered a concise and comprehensive speech beginning with the following words: "The pressure to decrease costs on American enterprises is growing daily forcing many enterprises shift to foreign countries. We (SATDA) want to help manage this trend and the associated international industry shifts, and improve the efforts and results of all parties involved."

This honored guest was Mr. Robert Goodman, the Chairman of Sino-American Trade Development Association. He spoke about the leading American political leader and business elite that SATDA's Tradelinks missions are built around. Last June, Mr. Goodman also helped to organize the USCEA business and trade delegation's visit to China. Upon the heels of that he led another delegation on a visit to three provinces in the northeast of China to investigate their commercial activities and to develop new trade and investment opportunities. Then, in October, Mr. Robert attended the opening ceremony for the Sanya Zhuoyuetianya Museum of Paleontologic Fossils which was again the site of the speech referenced earlier.

The Sino-American Trade Development Association that Mr. Goodman established is based in Beijing - the capital city of the People's Republic of China. Sino-American Trade Development Association for the past 14 years has fought for new trade development between America and China, earning much experience along the way. SATDA is committed to helping more of its members and friends join the growing corporate trend toward internationalization.

Chairman of Sino-American Trade Development Association - Robert Goodman - Part 4

Robert Goodman's fight to help SME's in China and America began 14 years ago, but has lost none of its steam over the years. In fact, his efforts have upped the pressure on legislative and industry decision-makers to improve Sino-American trade relations for the benefit of both countries. With the addition of all the countries in North and South America to the ranks of SATDA membership and their inclusion in the mission of SATDA, Mr. Goodman has again increased the reach and impact of his efforts.

Over the years, many organizations have benefited from work with Bob and SADTA. And, while we haven't always lauded our successes, instead choosing to revel in them ourselves privately, Mr. Goodman has opened up his history and has allowed us to begin to publish some of his and our organization's efforts so others might benefit from the knowledge gained, and still others realize that such services and benefits are even available to them through the SATDA organization.

Mr. Goodman's vision has been a vital ingredient to the direction and growth of SATDA. His understanding of complex economic, political and trade issues allow him to address difficult problems and still promote new growth in business and equity in trade relations. Each challenge is just another opportunity in disguise to Bob. We at SATDA want to once again acknowledge and show our appreciation of his untiring work.

SATDA and USTB Explore New Alliance to Expand Business and Cultural Exchange

Oct. 18th 2005: Mr. Robert Goodman, Chairman of SATDA was invited by the University for Science and Technology, Beijing, along with SATDA's American Market Manager, Mr. Laurence Genest, to visit their school.

At the meeting, Mr. Goodman recalled Mr. Zhou's and Ms. Zheng's visit to America 3 months ago and the desire to cooperate that was discovered at that time. Presently, SATDA has set up a good relationship with Nevada's universities, and expects to develop programs to build the education base at the University of Science and Technology, Beijing, by introducing collaborative projects between Nevada's and USTB's travel and hospitality programs. This is especially important due to the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games. Also, SATDA will organize a summer camp exchange between Nevada universities during June of next year.

The University of Science and Technology, Beijing, (www.5aaa.com), is a rapidly growing educational leader that uses modern teaching techniques and cutting-edge programs. They have a second campus near the Great Wall at Badaling that will accommodate the swiftly swelling number of students wishing to study at their school. Paralleling their rapid development will be the growing relationship between SATDA and USTB. SATDA has already submitted proposals for our future relationship, and has scheduled a visit from America by Dr. Thomas Peacock and Professor Lonnie Wright who are some of the key figures in Community College of Southern Nevada (CCSN) which has leading Hospitality programs at their school.

CCSN has 20 years experience training people for the hotel, gaming, culinary and food and beverage industries. Their Hospitality Programs & Services is a unique endeavor that is designed to provide the training and knowledge needed for those in the hospitality industry, be they from hotels, event venues or resorts. The Hospitality Programs & Services provides training in every facet of the hospitality operation: from the front of the house to the back door, including training in technical and human relations skills. Through its research efforts, this program provides state-of-the-art direction to industry.

CCSN's Hospitality Program has received accolades from a number of its current clients. This list includes the Bellagio, MGM Grand, New York New York, Reserve Hotel, The Virgin River and Casablanca Hotels, and a number of Native American reservations. In fact, their Hospitality Programs reach is not only domestic, but international as well. Through its outreach programs, it brings foreign students, particularly from the Pacific Rim, to receive special training offered by the Hospitality Programs & Services. In summary, the mission of CCSN's Hospitality Programs & Services is to provide quality technical and human relations training, resulting in a factory of qualified, well trained assets - not just employees - for the domestic, national and global hospitality industry.

Mr. Zhou Ji Ting, USTB's President, sincerely expressed he schools desire and commitment to cooperate to see that these programs and relations with Nevada schools will succeed.

Looking forward, Mr. Goodman felt that this communications platform between the schools would be a model program that would create wonderful new opportunities for culture exchange and and new cooperation and understanding between China and America.


On the 8th of May, the Hebei Enterprise Director Association invited SATDA to visit their representative office in Beijing where they warmly received SATDA Chairman Mr. Robert Goodman. The subject of the meeting was cooperation: how SATDA could help Hebei, and how Hebei could be a benefit to all SATDA members. The meeting lasted a good part of the afternoon.

The Hebei Enterprise Director Association is a non-profit organization consisting of experts, scholars and reporters as their principal members. It is typical organization for mating enterprise and entrepreneur, but was unique in its direct appointment by the Hebei government. Since the association was established in 1984, it has become a tremendous community under the support of local enterprise and business experts. The principle of the association is to advance quality, to build up image, to protect the interests of entrepreneurs, and to coordinate the relationship between enterprises and labor.

At the meeting, both sides presented introductions to each other. Mr. Liu Jianzhun , General Secretary of HBEDA, gave a detailed introduction about the economic condition of Hebei and the character and services of his organization.

Mr. Goodman reiterated that a growing number of America enterprises are eager to corporate with Chinese enterprises in the toy, pharmaceutical, and food & agriculture industries. He also expressed his hope that HBEDA will promote their trade information to America in order to help attract more America companies to invest to China.

After reaching a preliminary understanding of each other, both sides engaged in a deep discussion and agreed to co-host a seminar in September. Both sides will invite their members to participate the event.

Both sides were glad to reach an agreement for solid and productive corporation; and, they expressed their hopes and desires to also focus more energy to developing stronger economic ties between Nevada and the Hebei Province to more fully utilize the resources and strengths of both areas.